Earth Day is a very exciting day. On this day we are trying to help the Earth. We can do this by recycling and using reusable items. Like using metal spoons and forks and not trowing away plastic table utensils. Also, we can try to get the school district to stop making styrofoam plates for lunch we could help the Earth.

4 thoughts on “~EARTH DAY!~

  1. If you could use metal spoons and forks,some people would accidently hurt someone since metal forks are sharper than plastic forks.So we could use something else that can degrade on its own other than something that is washed over and over again.So utensils are something we can figure out later because utensils take lots of thinking don’t you think?So what can you do other than that to help the earth?

  2. Let’s think golden ninja! Has anybody ever attempted that with the plastic utensils??!!? NO! You’re being very complicated bronze ninja. You are thinking of all the negatives of this situation. I don’t think you want to save the world! Do you?!? You better answer me silver ninja!

  3. Of course i want to save the world!!!!!!I am thinking of degradable utensils not harmful metal forks or spoons!!!Why do you even think of something that can stab you in the arm?!!?!?!?!?!?If you think of the tons of people in our school plus all of the spoons and forks we would have to buy ,WHERE WOULD WE PUT THE UNTENSILS?!!?!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!That would be millions and millions of dollars.Some people would even forget to return them!Would there be a trash manager ,no!So think of something better sparky and i am not bronze or silver sparkyvampfire

  4. Hi my name is Asharia and I love your earth day blog. Love your ideas.Check out my blog and I have a earth day post too. Hope you liked it because I enjoyed yours. :]

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