Student Blogging Challenge 9

Student Blogging Challenge 9

To start, I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. Also, I don’t check the media online in the morning or in the night. That’s not really normal. I don’t know how you can get up in the night and do that. I only really get on the Internet during the day. The only thing I get on my laptop for is to research,type, or play games. That’s all I really use the Internet for. When I am probably old enough, I’ll maybe get a facebook or twitter account.

3 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge 9

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  2. Hi Sparky. I think that you are right because I only use the internet in the day not the night. I also don’t have a facebook or a twitter. I have a myspace and I don’t check on it like 24/7 every day. It feels weird how people can wake up in the night and check their facebook or twitter.

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